Award-winning journalist James Curry's debut book


“James demonstrated the same grit and mental toughness battling cancer as he did as a Marine in Iraq. At work, he refused to skip a beat, cheerful as always. You’d never know that he had survived lymphoma AND a war. But with quiet resolve, he did it all.” –CNN Anchor Natalie Allen



James Curry is an Emmy Award and three-time Peabody Award winning journalist. His work has been seen on CNN, The Weather Channel, Fox Business, and local news stations throughout the United States. At age 24 he was one of the youngest newscast producers ever appointed by CNN.

James is also a Marine Corps combat veteran. He was in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004 and later was handpicked to serve as one of the Marine Corps’s elite embassy guards.  

He holds a B.S. in political science from Troy University in Alabama and a M.S. in journalism from South Dakota State University.



Staying Alive is award-winning journalist James Curry’s uplifting account of survival, graphically capturing the realities of war, the terrors of battling a deadly disease, and the challenges of healing childhood wounds. It perfectly illustrates Curry’s determination to conquer adversity and survive as he turns crises into blessings, and pain into power.

The story begins with Curry’s childhood marred by poverty, neglect, and an abusive stepfather who denigrates him by constantly calling him a faggot. In James’s mind this means weak, so he impulsively joins the Marines, right out of high school, to demonstrate he’s tough. Shortly thereafter, he not only finds himself on the frontlines of the War in Iraq, but on a quest to find the secrets of masculinity and his personal identity.

With remarkable candor, deep emotional insight, and occasional humor, Curry chronicles this coming-of-age journey, taking you inside his mind as he struggles with love, his sexuality, and his quest to become a man, all of it compounded by post-traumatic stress, the issue of veteran suicide, and homelessness. 

Along the way, he deals with a devastating cancer diagnosis with the odds of survival against him and silences the naysayers by taking on what he believes to be a destined journalism career—all before he turns twenty-five years old.




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